How to prepare for ordering a website


Are you thinking of creating a website in external company? If so this article is for you. Thanks to it you will learn how to prepare for it!

If you have already decided that you want to create your new, dream website, but you don’t know it (nobody is good at everything), you may need a specialist. Just like you don’t sew a suit yourself (unless you’re a tailor), just as you can’t fix your car (unless you know the mechanics), you don’t have to create your dream page yourself.

You can make a website yourself, there are tools for it. With a bit of good intentions, a lot of time and enthusiasm, we are able to put our first page completely alone, even without coding. In most cases, however, the effect will not satisfy us, because we have to compromise. And even significant. And even with knowledge about HTML and CSS. In this case, it is natural that we seek help.

Perhaps the first thing you do right after deciding on your new website is to contact a professional. This is the right thing for people who can afford some expenses and value their time

How much does it costs?

Professional websites are generally divided into those for which you pay once (more) and by subscription (less). Of course, paying once in the long run is much more profitable than subscription fees.

The one-time fee for websites starts from small amounts, with sky is the limit, while in the case of subscriptions we are able to find offers that start with really small amounts.

It should be remembered that the price of a website is a very “slippery thing”. Developers, often, to the surprise of customers, count for every detail to be made. It can be said that the cost of creating a company website together with an extensive offer, complete branding and individual work of a graphic designer can be up to several thousand Euro. The conclusions must be drawn yourself, I will only say that in the industry almost always a higher price goes hand in hand with better quality.

Doman and(or) server

Is it worth buying a domain or (and) server before ordering? In most cases you don’t have to do this. Most self-respecting companies creating a website have their own servers and domains, which is an additional advantage of the lack of often very complicated configurations on your side.

An additional, although perhaps the most important advantage is the reduction of costs. A server bought on any hosting portal for your website is usually used very little. IT companies have their solutions for this by installing more of their clients’ websites on one server.

It is not worth buying a domain or server before contacting the company creating your website.

Content is the king

Remember! Specific information is your best weapon in confronting webdevloper. Everyone has their own vision of the site that does not yet exist and for the other person it can be completely abstract. Before you commission someone to make your website, think about what you would like to see on it now and in the future, think about the menu layout, the number of subpages, the content on them (in the form of texts), photos (of your products or services)

You can use the following list, it will facilitate the valuation (100% will reduce the price) and create a website:

Site topics: …
Site name: …
Logo: … (write information whether you already have it or how you imagine it)
Top menu (header): … (e.g. logo on the left, menu on the right, telephone number and email address)
Footer, bottom of the page (footer): … (e.g. link to the contact tab, contact details, address and telephone)
Home: … (e.g., sliding photos at the top) (below: “about us”, below a brief description of our products, below encouraging contact, below the latest entries from the news category)
Additional pages … (e.g. about us, contact, offer, engines, gearboxes, brakes, accumulations)

and items that you can submit after the quote and before you start creating the page:

Content for pages: … (e.g. main, about us, offer, engines, gearboxes, brakes (attached))
Pictures for pages: … (e.g. in attachment)

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